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Laura Franklin

a Holistic Nutritionist and private healthy cook with a passion for GREAT FOOD, functional fitness, mindful wellness and organic gardening. AKA, all things hella awesome.

My mission is to bring better health your way, by teaching you how to


You see, I believe that the current food system in North America is in dire need of change (a gross understatement). Put simply, we rely far too heavily on massive corporations to FEED US, and their bottom line is different than ours. Whether it be processed or packaged grocery items or restaurant/fast food, these large scale food producers value quantity, convenience, speed, exaggerated flavor and cheapness.

Without us even knowing it, much of the pre-packaged food we’re eating and drinking is mass-manufactured with the cheapest, lowest quality ingredients and is laden with icky crap like pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, antibiotics, hormones, steroids, chemical preservatives, colourings and sweeteners, genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), flavour enhancers, and more. And we eat this stuff every day! Blah.

By allowing these large-scale food producers and corporations to feed us, and even relying on them, we’ve given up our FOOD POWER (our desire or ability to provide ourselves with meals made from 100% REAL ingredients, made by us). The consequences of this power shift are serious; a rising epidemic of preventable diseases including cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, anxiety, depression… and the list goes on. Plus a negative impact on the environment!

Shockingly, a lot of us aren’t even aware that our everyday food choices and eating habits are hurting us. A lot of us are even making the effort to improve our diets, by making alternate food choices for products or items that are marketed to us as ‘healthy’. Sadly, this could not be farther from the truth, and we wonder why we keep feeling lethargic, depressed, keep gaining more weight or worse…Ahh. (High fives for trying though.)


I’m sorry if I made things sound bleak, because they’re actually not. There’s hope!
There’s no better time than RIGHT NOW to turn this around, and it starts with YOU.
I’m here to inspire YOU; to motivate, educate and take the confusion away.

I will show you that it’s possible to shift away from our reliance on convenience food, take back our FOOD POWER and independence and feel awesome.

It’s time to get our @$$’s back in the kitchen, eat real food that comes from the Earth, and consequently experience TRUE HEALTH and vitality.

We got this.


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My mission is to bring better health your way, by teaching you how to


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