IG: Another grey day called for a superfood fat bomb chocolate making sesh 🍫. These babies are an organic explosion of raw cacao butter, virgin coconut oil, @kerrygoldusa grass fed butter, raw cacao powder, collagen powder, dairy-free 85% cacao chocolate, Himalayan salt and a new favourite secret weapon ingredient: a big scoop of @organifi GOLD (turmeric and reishi unite!). Bonus, I also chopped and lightly toasted some almonds and coconut chips with some liquid Stevia and Madagascar vanilla and filled the moulds with that blend before pouring the chocolate overtop. This makes for a toasty, crunchy, EXTRA superfood surprise inside every chocolate. DAYYYYYYYUUUMMMMMM🤤 🍫 • • • • Sorry I don’t have a recipe for you, the truth is that I just threw all this stuff into a sauce pan willy nilly, gently melted it down, taste tested it for approval, blended it up and then poured it in the moulds and chilled it. Defo experiment for yourself

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