IG: CHOWING down on this delicious fat bomb right now… in fact, I actually need to remind myself to chew becuase it’s THAT tasty. You can’t see it that well, because I stacked sunflower sprouts on top, but I just got home from my workout and in a state of starvingness, threw together my quick avocado leftover chicken salad (aka fat bomb) with last night’s leftover chicken. Your turn. Combine: •about 1/2 cup organic leftover chicken •1/2 avocado, cubed •1 tsp whole grain mustard (the clean kind) •1 green onion, chopped •1 Tbsp @chosenfoods Avocado oil mayo •Himalayan salt & freshly ground pepper to taste Then shazam it into some lettuce and maybe finagle some organic sprouts on top and you’ve got the most delicious, fat-packed, easy-as-pie lunch. (This amount makes 2 lettuce wraps and feeds one hungry lady). Excuse me while I attempt to chew

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