IG: Ever seen golden yellow eggplants like these? I had not, and since this was a volunteer plant (a seed that planted itself from somewhere and just grew up) I was confused. I knew these were definitely eggplants as could be identified from the leaves, stems, etc. but were waiting on them to turn purple, or at least darker?! Well folks, after some deeper research (though not easy to find) it turns out that they’re probably a rarer variety of yellow heirloom eggplant, and they aren’t going to turn purple?. A lesson: stop trying to make things be exactly how you THINK they should be. How magical is that?‘i

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Laura Franklin, CNP

Laura Franklin, CNP

Holistic Nutritionist, Private Holistic Cook, Urban Garden Expert at Fresh and Frank Wellness
Laura Franklin is the owner of Fresh & Frank Wellness and curator of freshandfrank.com.
She is on a legit superhero mission to empower as many people as she can to practice preventive health care and TAKE BACK THEIR FOOD POWER via cooking, growing and preparing their own food. She is currently based in Toronto, Canada.
Laura Franklin, CNP

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