IG: I’m not much of an activist and like to stay on the positive side as much as possible, but I had to share because this cannot be ignored any longer?. Hawai‘i is one of most beautiful places on the planet, but as with so many other coastal regions, it’s facing a crisis of epic proportions. PLASTICS, from commercial fishing operations and improperly disposed of packaged products are littering the sea in epic proportions and washing up onto beaches worse than ever before. Jeff and I were at this spot yesterday and I’ve never seen it so full of plastic debris; it was heartbreaking. Living in Toronto for so many years, this was an issue I followed but never really experienced firsthand. Now that we’re in Hawai‘i, we are facing it. It’s a crisis and cannot be ignored. While we’re here and throughout the islands, we’ll be volunteering with amazing organizations like @sustainablecoastlineshawaii for beach cleanups to do what we can as individuals to help. I encourage you to get involved in any way you can; if you’re not in an area where it’s possible to donate your time, at least become more CONSCIOUS. Start with a lifestyle shift. Do your best to reduce your use of one-time-use plastics and reuse/recycle as much as possible. Don’t buy commercially fished sea food. And spread this message around! This is a mess and the only way to turn it around is to make it known worldwide and increase consciousness. It’s not all doom-and-gloom but we HAVE to shift our wasteful habits and create more sustainable ones. Sending love today @sustainablecoastlineshawaii ・・・ ? Right now on one of our favorite beaches, Mo’omomi, Moloka’i. Planning on flying over to help for an emergency cleanup on January 13th 8am-12pm. Wanna join? Cleanups are happening all over the islands. The recent influx of debris is the worst we have ever seen. Get out there. Checkout @kailuakayaks @surfrideroahu @surfriderkauai @surfridermaui @surfriderkona @hilosurfriderfoundation @808cleanups for other cleanups near you. ?: @nature_hi

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