IG: Oooooh hey there, I’ve been MIA🙋🏻‍♀️ Currently in the midst of: 1. Selling a house 2. Moving into another house 3. Maintaining both said houses 4. Kicking ass in my Functional Medicine Health Coaching course 5. Not being a social hermit 6. Working out again (GYM) and playing more (HOCKEY +…) 6. Staying rested, healthy and sane (my body wants 9+ hours of sleep at the moment, holy moly) ☀️ Insta hasn’t really fit into this lately, so posts haven’t been happening. But that’s okay! So for now, know I’m alive, and enjoy this photo of the winery I visited with my bests last weekend. I managed to fit that in somehow, probably because it was planned months in advance lol. There’s more to come when the time allows. ✨And do me a huge favor: please direct some universal energy toward someone (preferably wonderful) purchasing our Toronto home ASAP 🙏🏼 because I’m SO ready to move forward and that is definitely a significant source of time + energy + stress at the moment. ✨ If I can direct some universal energy towards anything happening for you, please let me know! I gotchu 😘

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