IG: Thinking back to last summer when I took part in an unconventional method of self-healing that involved large-scale urban backyard/frontyard gardening and hanging with 3 chickens (aka “the ladies”). After losing my mom to her long battle with cancer in March, all I really wanted to do was grow things. So I spent, no exaggeration, April to October in the garden. The garden was my safe place. Planting, tending to, and harvesting from the garden was my meditation. So was observing and interacting with the chickens, who provided us with endless entertainment, laughs, and love, as seen here in my selfie with GretcHEN. Healing is a long process and it’s something I’m working through every day, but my point is, when devastation happens to you, it’s important to find the (healthy) things YOU need to do to heal. We’re all so different and have such different needs. Listen to your heart and let it be what guides you #2017

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