IG: Urban gardening principle #1: get creative with containers! 🤗 Whether in a home, apartment or condo, if you have an outdoor space that gets a lot of sun, you can probably successfully grow something! 🌱🌱🌱 Here is one of my most recent growing spots. I got creative here, maximizing otherwise unused space on the stairs and against the house with railing boxes, a panel of last year’s chicken enclosure and 5 big pots. In this tiny area I’m growing 5 cucumber plants, 7 tomato plants, 3 pepper plants, and multiple types of flowers tucked in. 🍅🥒🌶💐 It’s very possible to grow a lot in a small space if you ‘think outside the box’ and get creative with whatever space you have. Happy July! Hope you’ve had a wonderful long weekend 😘

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