I’m Laura Franklin, a Holistic Nutritionist, organic gardener and real food cook. I’m on a mission to spread true health far and wide and I’m here to share with you the tools and holistic lifestyle practices to do so. It’s easier than you think, and I’ll be your guide. Your healthiest, most vibrant life starts here.
–xx LJF



Take back your food power.

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  • “Laura played a key role in helping me achieve my health and nutrition goals this summer. Every meal she prepared was perfectly balanced, flavourful and individualized to my personal tastes. Not to mention that they were ALL SO DELICIOUS! You can tell that Laura uses fresh, local ingredients and that she pours her heart and soul into her cooking creations. I really looked forward to my Fresh & Frank meals after coming home late from work and the gym, hungry and craving a healthy, delicious dinner! I feel more energetic and fit after just 4 weeks. You need to try this. Thank you, Laura!”

    –Laura P.
  • “Your twenties are supposed to be the best years of your life, but at 25 I was miserable – I was eating terribly, was completely out of shape and overweight. I wanted to change, but didn’t think I could do things on my own. I started at a gym with a personal trainer, but I had no idea how to fix my nutrition. Enter Laura! Laura created a meal plan tailored to my tastes, my needs and my goals. More importantly, she helped me change the way I look at food and helped me discover what foods I thrive on and what to avoid. Now I look at what benefits food is going to give me – not just taste (because chocolate cake is delicious, but chocolate avocado pudding is going to help fuel my day better). Since 2015 I’ve lost nearly 80lbs and about the same in inches. Laura has provided me with the tools to help myself make better choices for a healthier, happier life – not to mention her social media feeds are filled with inspiration and #foodgoals.”

    –Sarah D.
  • “Fresh & Frank has become a part of my inspiration and support in making positive/healthy changes needed in my life. Simple and handy life hacks for the newly healthy! Thanks Laura!”

    –Kara V.

I’m here to inspire YOU; to motivate, educate and take the confusion away.

I will show you that it’s possible to shift away from our reliance on convenience food, take back our FOOD POWER and independence and feel awesome.