I’m Laura Franklin, a Functional Medicine Health Coach and Holistic Nutritionist dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and tools to feel amazing and live a long, healthful, vibrant life.

Join me as I share valuable tips and guidance on healthful eating and cooking, growing your own food, lifestyle practices to improve vitality, and more!

–Laura Franklin, CNP, FMCHC




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  • “Laura played a key role in helping me achieve my health and nutrition goals this summer. I feel more energetic and fit after just 4 weeks. Thank you, Laura!”

    –Laura P.
  • “Laura created a meal plan tailored to my tastes, my needs and my goals. More importantly, she helped me change the way I look at food and helped me discover what foods I thrive on and what to avoid. Now I look at what benefits food is going to give me – not just taste (because chocolate cake is delicious, but chocolate avocado pudding is going to help fuel my day better). Since 2015 I’ve lost over 80lbs and about the same in inches. Laura has provided me with the tools to help myself make better choices for a healthier, happier life – not to mention her social media feeds are filled with inspiration and #foodgoals.”

    –Sarah D.
  • Laura’s passion for inspiring, supporting, and empowering others is evident. She truly cares about her client’s happiness and health and she partners with her clients so they can live a high quality of life. She has given me the tools to take a step back, obtain a different perspective, and work towards new habits and goals that resonate with me.

    –Carolyn B.

I’m here to guide and inspire you, without judgement.

We’re all at a different place in our personal health journeys and this fact must be acknowledged.
Whether you’re just beginning to take the first steps to improve your overall health or are already further along that road, I honour you and I’ve got your back.


Laura in garden