IG: Do you feel emotions super intensely? Do you ALLOW them or do you tend to block them with distractions? 😖 It’s hella uncomfortable, but sometimes we just need to ALLOW ourselves to FEEL by recognizing and consciously steering clear of the typical tactics we use to distract ourselves from the feelings (relationships, work, substances, technology etc.). I’m having an intensely emotional week and I’ve always struggled with communicating… especially when things aren’t GOOD. But I acknowledge this as a point of improvement and putting my ego aside as much as I can, I’ve learned to reach out to close friends to communicate my feelings. It’s tough when you aren’t a talker or used to sharing your vulnerabilities, but it’s insanely healing. This week I’m just feeling SAD. I lost my mom a year ago, I’m turning 30 in a week and a half, I’m doing some intense inner body cleansing and I’m generally feeling a bit lost in life. But we all have emotions and it’s OK to feel them fully. In fact, it’s VERY good. So if you’re feeling some intense emotions this week, I send you a virtual hug and strength to allow them to be… so they may pass P.s. The island of Kauai makes you FEEL more intensely than anywhere else I’ve ever been.

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Laura Franklin, CNP

Laura Franklin, CNP

Holistic Nutritionist, Private Holistic Cook, Urban Garden Expert at Fresh and Frank Wellness
Laura Franklin is the owner of Fresh & Frank Wellness and curator of freshandfrank.com.
She is on a legit superhero mission to empower as many people as she can to practice preventive health care and TAKE BACK THEIR FOOD POWER via cooking, growing and preparing their own food. She is currently based in Toronto, Canada.
Laura Franklin, CNP

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