IG: Ok so no one will ever be as excited about composting as me and that’s ok but I had to share my latest addition to the family— my @joracomposters tumbling composter!! 👏🏼✨ I’ve been using a dumpy @cityofto plastic black composter for a couple years now. It broke in multiple places and I had to, literally block in the the front of it with BRICKS to prevent raccoons from getting in there and making a giant mess. So every time I needed access to mature compost, I would have to remove about 10 bricks and then shovel my butt off😆. But I UPGRADED🙌🏼 and now have this insulated, animal-proof tumbling compost that is easy to both fill and empty when it matures. It’s metal + insulated, so it keeps the compost hot (so it matures faster) and can be used throughout the winter. It doesn’t stink whatsoever and it looks sexy. Plus it feels like I’m spinning a Bingo drum when I spin it and that’s fun. “G-16, G-16”😝 If you don’t know much about compost, composting is going full circle with your garden; turning spent organic waste into gourmet food for plants. Compost is a garden’s best friend. It’s full of all the nutrients that plants need to thrive, it mulches and regulates soil moisture and is also an amazing way to recycle spent garden waste, food waste and yard waste. I assembled this composter last week and just started using it. If you can’t tell, I’m pretty excited about it. It I were Oprah, this would FOR SURE be on my list of ‘Favorite Things’ for 2018. Do you compost? 😁😁😁

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Laura Franklin, CNP

Laura Franklin, CNP

Holistic Nutritionist, Private Holistic Cook, Urban Garden Expert at Fresh and Frank Wellness
Laura Franklin is the owner of Fresh & Frank Wellness and curator of freshandfrank.com.
She is on a legit superhero mission to empower as many people as she can to practice preventive health care and TAKE BACK THEIR FOOD POWER via cooking, growing and preparing their own food. She is currently based in Toronto, Canada.
Laura Franklin, CNP

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