IG: So I’m sure you’ve heard about therapy dogs, but what about therapy chickens? 🐓🐓🐓 Today I’m thinking a lot about 2 summers ago when I lived in midtown Toronto and rented 4 chickens on a whim. My mom had died about a month earlier and I was grieving. I had always wanted chickens, and when I heard that there was a company who rented them, I jumped right in. I suppose the veil of grief made me a little less law-abiding than usual, since housing chickens in Toronto was then illegal. But it felt like the right thing to do, and exactly what I needed to. I took that whole summer off of work and I grieved, gardened up a friggen’ storm, and spent almost every day hanging out in the backyard with the chickens— GretcHEN, LilliHEN, Ethel and DeHENise (sidenote: DeHENise was unknowingly ill when she came to us and passed away after about a month, despite my best efforts. After that I stuck with just the 3 girls). 🐓 Looking back now, they were 100% my therapy chickens. I guess the point of this story is that we all should do what we need to do to grieve and get through hard times, even if it’s weird or unconventional. I rented chickens for 6 months, it was the best decision I could have made for my healing, and I am SO grateful for that. On another note—CHICKENS ARE AWESOME! Really missing these amazing girls (especially GretcHEN, my fave) and wanting a permanent flock 📷2nd photo cred: @torontogardener


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Laura Franklin, CNP

Laura Franklin, CNP

Holistic Nutritionist, Private Holistic Cook, Urban Garden Expert at Fresh and Frank Wellness
Laura Franklin is the owner of Fresh & Frank Wellness and curator of freshandfrank.com.
She is on a legit superhero mission to empower as many people as she can to practice preventive health care and TAKE BACK THEIR FOOD POWER via cooking, growing and preparing their own food. She is currently based in Toronto, Canada.
Laura Franklin, CNP

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