IG: FIND YOUR SOUL’S FOOD✨ I think this is one of the toughest things as adults. We get so “busy”, live to work, to pay the bills, to check off the ‘to-do lists’… that we leave little time for soul nourishing activities. And then after years and years of buzzing through life, we forget what activities even nourish our souls. But we NEED those to be happy, healthy human beings; the activities that don’t necessarily make us money (though if they can, bonus) but feed our spirits. Remembering or finding what these are (since they’re different for each of us) can be a challenge, but 💯 worth the search. I spent the last few years searching deeply for what feeds my soul and I’ve discovered a few things. One of them? The garden🌱— now I make sure to incorporate this into my life any way I can. • What feeds your soul and how do you incorporate that into your life? ✨

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