IG: 🌑🌛🌑🌛🌑Did you know there’s an AMPED UP new moon happening now/tomorrow? [For those of you who don’t believe the moon affects us at all (side note: you’re crazy, cuz it literally makes the tides) don’t read on LOL] New moons are a great time to define your intentions; i.e. what you want or what you want to let go of (both important). This one in particular is extra intense due to a partial solar eclipse that is also happening 🌞🌑🌞🌑 “In the astrology world, a solar eclipse basically takes everything that normally happens during a new moon to the next level. ‘A solar eclipse is a stronger new moon,’ [Astrologer] Page explains… The new moon and solar eclipse in Capricorn are happening with the planet Saturn, which rules this zodiac sign. ‘That means it’s a time to make a plan or resolution in life and a powerful time to start something new,’ Page says. Basically, if you’ve been wanting to get a new job or to make something happen, now is the time. “There’s a very strong push that says you should go after things in life,” she says.” [exerpt from @womenshealthmag article by Korin Miller]. So, write out those intentions and go after what you desire my peeps! The cosmos is on your side

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Laura Franklin, CNP

Laura Franklin, CNP

Holistic Nutritionist, Private Holistic Cook, Urban Garden Expert at Fresh and Frank Wellness
Laura Franklin is the owner of Fresh & Frank Wellness and curator of freshandfrank.com.
She is on a legit superhero mission to empower as many people as she can to practice preventive health care and TAKE BACK THEIR FOOD POWER via cooking, growing and preparing their own food. She is currently based in Toronto, Canada.
Laura Franklin, CNP

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