IG: Out of the kitchen/garden this weekend and off to my 4th annual Archangel Summit in Toronto🙌🏼. SO ready to be inspired and humbled (yet again) by this year’s lineup of AMAZING speakers (and attendees; this event pulls some real rockstars together!) @archangelacademy 🙋🏻‍♀️hands up if you’ll be going too 📷@saramonikaphoto

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Laura Franklin, CNP, CFMHC

Laura Franklin, CNP, CFMHC

Functional Medicine Health Coach & Holistic Nutritionist at Fresh & Frank Wellness
Laura Franklin is the owner of Fresh & Frank Wellness and curator of freshandfrank.com.
She is here to preach what she practices and help you to prepare amazing whole food meals from scratch, grow your own organic food and optimize your lifestyle and environment to promote the most vibrant, glowing and energetic you.
Laura is currently based in Dundas, Ontario, Canada but works remotely with people from all over the world!
Laura Franklin, CNP, CFMHC

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